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 A New "360" Approach to Mediation

Mediators360, a civil mediation firm, has successfully entered the saturated Dallas market with a unique selling proposition: a full-service mediation program that works to resolve clients' issues in a more personalized way utilizing an all-encompassing approach. As a result of the onset of COVID-19, Mediators360 has begun doing Zoom virtual mediations as a means of getting cases resolved without risking infection.
Formed by Lis, a professional mediator-lawyer, Mediators360 approaches each case with a fresh perspective and tailors the mediation services to the dispute at issue. Her methodology is simple, and her goal is clear: to help resolve all litigation and pre-litigation issues and disputes in an efficient and economical way outside of the courtroom.
With Lis’ 18+ years of mediation experience and expertise, Mediators360 has quickly emerged as one of the top-tier, mediation firms in Texas, in just a few short years, since inception.